Record Number of Organ Transplants in the Region

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            This past year has been a record-breaker for organ transplants in the region according to the Midwest Transplant Network. The network had 245 organ donors which resulted in 816 transplants. The University of Kansas Health System had 21 organ donors (tied for third highest in the service area) which resulted in 66 organs transplanted. That meant 66 lives were saved because of the generosity of donors from The University of Kansas Health System. There were also 32 tissue donors from the health system that enhanced the lives of many others.

            In the video, Dr. Andrew Sauer, medical director of the Center for Advanced Heart Failure and medical director of the heart transplant program, explains what it means for the health system to be in the transplant business. He talks about the giving nature of our community, the partnership with the Midwest Transplant Network, and why it’s important for donated organs to stay in this region.

            Also in the video is Lori Markham, chief operating officer of the Midwest Transplant Network, who discusses the record-breaking year for organ transplants, and the role played by The University of Kansas Health System. She says the record is a direct result of the partnership between the two organizations. Markham describes the organ procurement process, and dispels some of the most common myths surrounding organ donation. She also stresses how vital it is that potential donors make their families aware of their wishes. She says it’s also important to indicate on your driver’s license if you are an organ donor…which becomes a legal agreement between the donor and the hospital. She also says record years like this one would not be possible without the giving nature of the people who live in this region.

            The video also includes b-roll of the first patient in the revitalized heart transplant program at The University of Kansas Health System, followed by heart surgery video and operating room video of a kidney transplant.