Bad Flu Season? We're About To Find Out

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            Have you ever had the flu? Some people think they have the flu when all they really have is a mild stomach problem. The actual flu is much worse than that. Those who have had it say they feel like they’ve been hit by a truck with all of the muscle aches, pains and fever…plus it usually lasts a long time. That’s why everyone is urged to get an annual flu shot.  

            Dr. Lee Norman is chief medical officer at The University of Kansas Hospital, and he tracks flu cases in Kansas, and around the country. He says we are right at the point where flu cases have really taken off in the past couple of years, and we should know very soon if we’re in for a good or a bad flu season. In the video, Dr. Norman says we’re already starting to see some flu cases. He explains what happened two years ago, when the vaccine wasn’t very effective, and why the nasal vaccine is not available this year. He outlines the usual peak times for the flu, who should get a flu shot, and the best way to prepare for the flu season. He also describes what having the flu is like.

            Also included is an animated graphic, narrated by Dr. Norman, showing the past two flu seasons, and where we are so far this year. Other shots show vials of the flu vaccine, and patients getting a flu shot.