Fighting Cancer With Exercise

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Bob Hallinan

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             More and more medical professionals are discovering one of the more effective ways of treating cancer patients isn’t with medicine, radiation or surgery. It’s as simple as exercise and physical activity.

            The University of Kansas Cancer enter is one of only a dozen cancer centers in the country with a program for treating the whole body, mind and spirit of cancer patients and survivors. Research shows treating the whole person has better outcomes than just getting rid of cancer cells.

            Sami Mansfield is an oncology exercise specialist who works with patients at The University of Kansas Cancer Center. In the video, she explains why exercise is important for cancer patients, what kinds of exercises are best and how it’s helped one patient, Alex Talbott. Alex describes his condition and treatment, how getting cancer changed his priorities and why exercising was so important to him. Alex’s wife Jamie Talbott talks about how working out was a big help for Alex and why traditional gym workouts are a problem with his condition. The video also shows Sami Mansfield working on exercises with Alex.