Staying Safe at the K

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Did you know there’s a miniature hospital located inside Kauffman Stadium? And it’s not for the players…it’s strictly for the fans. For the eighth year, The University of Kansas Health System will take care of the health needs of all the fans at every Royals home game.

By the time opening day comes, the medical staff has spent a lot of off-season time training and preparing for any health problem from a sunburn to a heart attack to delivering babies. The crew doesn’t just sit back and wait for fans to come to the care center. They are constantly circulating among the crowd in teams, watching for accidents like foul ball injuries and can be anywhere in the stadium in moments.

In the video, Rick Blevins, venue supervisor for the first aid stations, describes the partnership between the Royals and the health system, which he says is pretty unusual in Major League Baseball. He also describes the different services for the fans, and offers his best advice for fans coming to the stadium.