Students Learn About Medical Laboratory Science Jobs

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           When most people think of a medical career, it’s usually as a doctor or nurse. But there are other jobs in the medical field that are just as vital, and workers for those jobs are in short supply.

            Medical Laboratory Scientists are the backbone of modern healthcare. An MLS (also formerly known as a clinical laboratory scientist or medical technologist) is a "disease detective" helping to pinpoint the cause of disease through the examination and anaylsis of blood, tissue and other body fluids. It is estimated that 70-80% of a physician’s medical decisions on any one patient are a direct result of laboratory test data.

            56 students from Pleasant Hill High School visited The University of Kansas Hospital to take part in a tour and introduction to lab jobs.  These are seniors with a science interest who have not yet fully determined their course work.  Organizers hoped to grab these kids and say … “Hey … you can be something more than a nurse or doctor.”