"Marlins Man" Inspires Young Cancer Patient

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             Laurence Leavy, AKA Marlins Man, stopped by The University of Kansas Hospital recently to visit 18-year-old Bradon Krull.  Krull, an avid baseball fan, has been battling sarcoma for three years and was forced to watch the Royals playoffs and World Series win from his hospital bed.  Both Krull and his dad enjoyed watching the games and often remarked about Marlins Man sitting in his bright orange visor and jersey behind home plate.  Krull’s dad tracked Leavy down and asked only for two things:  Can you visit my son?  If not, would you pray for Bradon?  Leavy did all that, and says he wants to take Braden to a Royals game next season.

            The video includes sound with Bradon’s dad telling that story, Braden reacting to the visit, and Leavy responding.