"Hard to Find" Just Got Easier For A Line of Products That Help Cancer Patients

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           Jill Gernon, a breast cancer survivor, remembers how tender her skin felt after each radiation treatment. “It was like a very bad sun burn,” Gernon said.  For some patients who undergo radiation therapy the burning sensation is so painful it prevents them from getting timely treatment which is why doctors at The University of Kansas Cancer center recommend a line of skin care products called “My Girls”. Evidence based research in 2015, found that 85% of patients who used products made with Calendula found relief and that the lotion and creams were non-greasy … easy to apply. 

“It feels like cool, soothing whipped cream on your skin,” Gernon offered when asked why she liked it.  “It provides instant relief and immediately stops the burn and truly helps rebuild the skin tissue.”

Although My Girls is sold online, many patients in the research also found the products sometimes difficult to get and expensive.  “We began to carry the line because our doctors prescribe it for their cancer patients,” Judith Newell, manager of Missys’ Boutique said. Newell priced the products at near cost to benefit those same patients.  Missys’ Boutique is an accredited cancer appearance center inside The University of Kansas Cancer Center.

Cancer patients can also be sensitive to smell which is what prompted Newell to add another skin care line called Natural Inspirations.   These products are free of chemicals such as parabens, often found in other skin care products and in the tissues of some breast cancer patients.  This line of products includes natural scents like lavender as well as scent free options. That was especially important to Lynn Williams while she battled lymphoma. “My skin got so dry and the lotion just sinks right into my skin,” Williams said.  “I still use it ten years later.”

         In the video, Lynn Williams and Jill Gernon share more about their cancer journey and why they recommend these skin care products for other cancer patients.  There is also b-roll of products on display at Missys’ Boutique.