A Big Change in Life for Christmas

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           Most of us would love to drop a few pounds for the holiday season. But imagine losing more than 220 pounds. That’s what Jerod Greenlee has been able to accomplish in the last year, with a little help from doctors at The University of Kansas Health System. What started as thyroid and hormone problems as a kid…eventually turned into 2 decades worth of issues with food and weight for Jerod. But after reaching a weight of nearly 450 pounds, Jerrod was committed to making a big change. He met with Dr. Bernita Bernsten, who recommended Jerod have what’s called a laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy…to remove 80 percent of his stomach. Now, with lifestyle changes, changes in eating habits and follow-up care from his medical team, Jerod has been able to keep the excess weight off. He says he’s brimming with confidence now that he looks better and feels better. He’s looking forward to the holidays with a whole new outlook on life.

            In the video, Dr. Bernita Bernsten, a bariatric surgeon at The University of Kansas Health System, talks about what makes an ideal patient, such as Jerod. She talks about the procedure, and how weight loss surgery involves much more than an operation. She describes the benefit of a psychologist on the team, to help with the mental issues that go along with lifestyle changes. She says obesity is a chronic disease and she doesn’t cure that chronic disease, just gives patients a great tool.

            Also, Jerod Greenlee talks about life before his surgery. He says a year ago, he had to buy two seats to fly on an airplane. He talks about what led to his condition, how he knew he was ready for Dr. Bernsten’s help, and the adjustments he’s had to make in his eating habits to keep the weight off. The video also shows Jerod at an office visit with Dr. Bernsten.