New Hope for HIV Patients

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         Doctors in London have accomplished a momentous feat in HIV treatment. They say they’ve used a stem cell transplant to successfully clear any traces of the virus in an HIV-positive man. It’s the second time in medical history such a procedure has appeared to permanently treat the lifelong infection.  The report published in the journal Nature says the doctors are optimistic, but caution it’s not a confirmed cure just yet…and the treatment may not be right for every patient with HIV.

            Dr. Dana Hawkinson is an infectious disease specialist at The University of Kansas Health System, who treats HIV patients. In the video, he describes HIV, and how this treatment has affected the two patients. While he says it’s too soon to call it a cure, he says there is optimism for the 40,000 people who contract the disease each year. He also talks about the treatments have evolved to where they are today, and he discusses the best ways to prevent HIV.