Morning Medical Update Friday 7-29-22

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    The University of Kansas Health System is treating a total of 40 COVID patients today, down from 43 Wednesday. Other significant numbers:

  • 28 with the active virus today, 28 Wednesday
  • 4 in ICU, 3 Wednesday
  • 2 on ventilators, 2 Wednesday
  • 12 hospitalized but out of acute infection phase, 15 Wednesday

Key points from today’s guests:

Lisa Fosnough, sarcoma patient

  • Developed osteosarcoma, a rare type of bone cancer
  • Described how she first noticed something different about her leg. Doctors at first thought it was a bruise only to later find it was the rare osteosarcoma
  • Had to have nine inches of the cancerous leg bone replaced with one from a cadaver
  • Decided the cancer was not going to define her and devoted herself to CrossFit training while undergoing chemotherapy and radiation
  • Cancer is currently in remission
  • Created the Strong Like Lisa Foundation, which supports The University of Kansas Cancer Center

Dr. Kyle Sweeney, orthopedic surgeon, The University of Kansas Health System

  • Sarcoma not easy to diagnose because it’s so rare. Often called the “Forgotten Cancer.” Mainly affects bone and soft tissue.
  • Described procedure to replace cancerous bone with cadaver bone
  • Because Lisa was in such good health, doctors were able to do all of her chemotherapy before the surgery, giving her more time to heal from the reconstruction
  • Stressed the importance of seeking medical advice if you have a steadily growing mass or consistent pain in one area
  • Sarcoma not known to be caused by trauma
  • Lisa has good prognosis

Dr. Dana Hawkinson, medical director Infection Prevention and Control, The University of Kansas Health System

  • More than 7,500 Kansans have tested positive for COVID in the last week
  • Could see the number of hospitalizations increase with the rising number of cases
  • Long COVID symptoms such as loss of taste and smell may become a new public health crisis
  • Monkeypox cases are increasing, but it is still difficult to transmit as it is spread through skin to skin contact

Monday, August 1 at 8:00 a.m. is the next Morning Medical Update. Lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer deaths. We will be live with a patient about to receive one of the most advanced screenings available for this deadly disease. Our doctors explain the advancements giving patients the power of hope

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