Morning Medical Update Monday 7-25-22

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    The University of Kansas Health System is treating a total of 49 COVID patients today, up from 39 Friday. Other significant numbers:

  • 37 with the active virus today, 29 Friday
  • 4 in ICU, 8 Friday
  • 2 on ventilators, 4 Friday
  • 12 hospitalized but out of acute infection phase, 10 Friday

Key points from today’s guests:

Dr. Amber Schmidtke, chair, Division of Natural Sciences and Mathematics, The University of St. Mary

  • The CDC says 93% of American communities, including the entire Kansas City Metro area, are in the high transmission rate category for COVID
  • Despite CDC urging Americans to mask up again, does not believe there is the political will to reinstate mask requirements
  • Because so many people have shifted to home testing, we don’t have a good grasp of how much COVID is out there. There is most likely a vast undercount of actual cases.
  • Tracking COVID trends in Georgia, which tend to foreshadow what we see in Kansas. Right now, the entire western half of Georgia is at high risk of having difficulty of accessing a hospital bed.

Dr. Dana Hawkinson, medical director Infection Prevention and Control, The University of Kansas Health System

  • Even though President Biden has been vaccinated and fully boosted, he still caught COVID. The vaccine doesn’t keep you from being infected. But his symptoms were much less severe because of the vaccinations.
  • Hospital numbers are ticking up because the virus continues to circulate in the community
  • Monkeypox cases are up, including in the Metro. The smallpox vaccine provides protection against monkeypox.
  • The traditional concept of population or herd immunity is not going to apply to COVID

Dr. Saurav Luthra, Sleep Medicine, The University of Kansas Health System

  • The field of sleep medicine is seeing exciting new technologies available to help those with sleep disorders
  • Home sleep testing devices are beginning to replace sleep studies in a traditional sleep lab, and are proving just as effective
  • Sleep apnea is very common, affecting 5 to 10 percent of the population. It is a partial or complete obstruction of the flow of air to the lungs. It can lead to heart problems, weight gain and increase blood sugars.
  • Gold standard treatment is CPAP, continuous positive airway pressure, available with nasal coverings of all sizes and shapes.
  • Newer treatments include implantable nerve stimulation device designed to keep the airway open

Wednesday, July 27 at 8:00 a.m. is the next Open Mics With Dr. Stites. The B-A five variant is dominating as COVID hospitalizations creep up in the Metro. What's behind this latest increase? Our panel of experts weighs in with what you need to know to keep you and your family safe.


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