Spreading Hope One Yeti Cup at a Time

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         Nicole Cummings is a 21-year-old college student from Kansas City. After a busy couple of weeks at the University of Missouri, she was exhausted, and while getting ready for bed, noticed a large bump on her neck. She wondered if she’d popped a blood vessel. She came to The University of Kansas Cancer Center, and got news that would turn her world upside down. She had stage four Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.

            Nicole was determined to do whatever it took to beat the disease, and brought her mom and a friend to all of her chemotherapy treatments. But then Nicole got another shock when her mom got her own bad news…she had a different form of lymphoma. She said she didn’t cry after her own diagnosis, but she did when she heard about her mom’s. She says it’s been the most difficult few months of her life.

            One bright part of Nicole’s journey was a gift from a friend…a simple Yeti cup. She says it’s been the most practical gift she’s been given because she uses it every day. It inspired her to pass on her treasured gift, and give 500 more Yeti cups to patients at The University of Kansas Center. She’s even formed a new organization called Cure-Ageous Cups, complete with a Facebook page and Instagram account.

            In the video, Nicole Cummings tells her story as does her mom, Jamie Cummings. Dr. Marc Hoffmann of The University of Kansas Cancer Center also talks about Nicole’s ambition and energy and why he’s not surprised to see one cancer patient reaching out to others.

            The video also shows Nicole handing out a Yeti cup to a fellow cancer patient, Christy Wolfe, plus Nicole receiving chemotherapy and pictures of her PET scans.