Pain Relief with Neurostimulator

How it changed the life of one patient

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     After knee replacement surgery, Cynthia Lanning began feeling unbearable pain, which made it nearly impossible for her to function. It got to the point where she told her doctor if he couldn't fix the pain, to amputate her leg.

    Then Lanning came to Dr. Dawood Sayed, a pain specialist at The University of Kansas Hospital. He felt Lanning was a perfect candidate for a brand new device called a pain neurostimulator. The device is implanted in a patient's lower back, and electrical impulses short-circuit the pain.

     For Lanning, the change was remarkable. After missing two grandchildren's graduations because the pain had been too intense for walking, she was able to attend a third grandchild's graduation, and has even gone to a football game. She has been able to resume a normal life.

     The video includes Cynthia Lanning describing how bad the problem was, and how her life changed after having the neurostimulator implanted. Also Dr. Dawood Sayed, a pain specialist, describes the device, how it works, who it's for, and how much relief a patient can expect. He also talks about the advantage of being MRI safe and from his perspective, how the device has changed Cynthia Lanning's life.

   Various b-roll shots of the device and operating room video of the procedure are also included.