Bernie Sanders Gets Two Stents: What Does That Mean?

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           Presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders took a break from the campaign trail this week after complaining of chest discomfort, and had two stents inserted to address a blockage in an artery. A lot of people are wondering if that will have any effect on his ability to run his campaign. The short answer is: probably not.

            Dr. Andrew Sauer is a cardiologist at The University of Kansas Health System, and heads the heart failure program. In the video, Dr. Sauer says he thinks it was wise of Sanders’ staff and medical team to sideline the presidential hopeful until further testing can be done on what might be causing his problem. But he says one can guess that the stress of the campaign trail didn’t help. Dr. Sauer explains the reasons people may need a stent, which is used to unblock an artery, and how it works. He says it’s one of the most common procedures and has a quick recovery, sometimes with cardiac rehab and usually with medicine. He says getting a stent can be a big wake-up call for people to make the lifestyle changes they need to make. He also says age has little to do with needing a stent to clear blocked arteries. He points to emerging research showing an epidemic of younger men and women…sometimes in their 20’s, at risk for coronary problems like this.