New Treatment for Frostbite

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    The first cold snap of the season is hitting the Metro area, with temperatures dropping below freezing on many nights. While there may not be much, if any snow with the cold temperatures, the danger of frostbite is still very real, even with a short exposure.

            Dr. Richard Korentager is a plastic surgeon at The University of Kansas Health System, who also treats patients in the Burnett Burn Center. That’s often where patients with frostbite are taken for treatment. In the video, Dr. Korentager talks about the risk factors for frostbite, how to prevent it and the new treatment for frostbite using the same clot busting drug used to treat stroke patients. He also has practical advice on how to recognize frostbite, and what to do for someone you think is suffering from this serious condition. The video also shows areas of the burn unit where frostbite patients would receive treatment.