Local Celebrity Actor Makes Donation at Thanksgiving

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           Eric Stonestreet is arguably one of the most famous people to come from Kansas City, Kansas. And the star of TV’s Modern Family has not forgotten his roots. Stonestreet is making a donation after participating in a network celebrity cooking competition to the University of Kansas Cancer Center’s Nurse Navigation program.

            When most people receive a cancer diagnosis, they’re usually scared and uncertain about what to do next. It can be a very dark time for them. But thanks to this special group of people, sometimes called “guardian angles,” these patients don’t have to go it alone.

            The University of Kansas Cancer Center has 27 of these nurse navigators making it one of the most extensive programs in the country. Each navigator is trained to help patients with a specific type of cancer. From initial diagnosis until a treatment plan is established, nurse navigators guide patients through initial testing and appointments, answering questions and providing emotional support every step of the way. The navigator then remains an additional resource for each patient throughout their cancer journey.

            In the video, Kayla Terrell, one of the nurse navigators at The University of Kansas Cancer Center, explains why a navigator is so important in a patient’s care. She talks about the different services they provide, including advice on how a patient can tell their children they have cancer in a way that doesn’t frighten them. And she says they can reduce the time from a patient’s diagnosis to treatment, which in many cases makes a huge difference.

            Tex Ann Kraft is a cancer patient who has experienced the fear of trying to do everything on her own after her first cancer diagnosis. In the video, she explains how overwhelmed she felt. She says when she received another diagnosis years later, she came to The University of Kansas Cancer Center and a nurse navigator made the difference from her first experience like night and day. She says when she heard the words “We will take very good care of you here,” she felt instant relief. The video also includes shots of Kraft with Kayla Terrell, her navigator, and video of nurse navigators at work on the phone. The video also shows the printing of personalized treatment books, which are given to every cancer patient.