Why Athletic Trainers Are Vital in High School Sports

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         High school coaches are always looking for that “edge” against their opponents. Coaches in several area schools believe they have that “edge.” Thanks to a special agreement with several school districts, the Sports Medicine and Performance Center at The University of Kansas Health System is providing a full-time, board certified, Kansas licensed athletic trainer at each of those high schools. Having the same trainer on-site day in and day out, rather than just game day, is a huge advantage because the trainers get to know the players and can see when something isn’t quite right.

            In the video, Doug Wiesner, program director at The Sports Medicine and Performance Center, explains why it’s critical to have full time athletic trainers on both sides of the field. He also talks about what goes on during a game for an athletic trainer. Also, Julie Ascher, another athletic trainer describes her role with the athletes, which she says goes way beyond just being at the games. She says the most important things an athlete can do are to eat, sleep and hydrate well. Plus, Dr. Lucas Thompson, one of the Sports Medicine doctors who attends the games, explains how vital it is for him to have the athletic trainers providing information to him when evaluating an athlete’s injury.

            The video also includes both of the athletic trainers tending to football players who suffered injuries.