Life For "Miracle Boy" Getting Back to Normal

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         By now, thanks to national and worldwide news coverage, a lot of people have heard the amazing story of 10 year-old Xavier Cunningham, the Harrisonville, Missouri boy who fell from his backyard treehouse face first into a foot-long metal meat skewer which happened to be on the ground beneath him. The skewer, which pierced his face, penetrating his skull all the way to the back of his head, miraculously missed any vital organs, and a huge medical team at The University of Kansas Health System safely removed the skewer, sending Xavier home with just a band-aid on his face five days later.

            Xavier’s parents, Gabriella and Shannon Miller, recently brought Xavier back to the hospital for a checkup, and sat down to talk about the experience. In the video, Xavier talks about the most difficult part of the whole ordeal, and what he and his family did when they got home. He also said the best part was getting back to school with his friends and teachers. Xavier’s parents talk about what’s happened to the treehouse since the accident, and how the whole family’s outlook on life has changed. They say they’re nervous about the bills, but the outpouring of support from family, friends, neighbors and co-workers has been their biggest comfort. Xavier also has advice for any other kid who may go through something like this: “Stay strong and be brave.”

            The video also shows Xavier and his family visiting with pediatric psychologist Stephen Lassen, PhD, who’s making sure Xavier and his family are coping well after the traumatic event.

            Here are the family’s donation sites: