The Only Cure For Liver Transplant Is Each Other

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In the Midwest Region 8, organs are donated at a higher rate (82 percent) compared to anywhere else in the nation and a significant amount are already shared outside of its region. Rather than taking additional organs from higher donation areas in the Midwest, South and Southeast, and giving even more to patients in large coastal cities that do not have higher donation rates such as New York (55 percent) and California (71 percent), doctors propose a different solution.       

“The only way to save more lives is to increase organ donation in other regions,” said Dr. Timothy Schmitt, MD, director of transplantation at The University of Kansas Hospital.

            Dr. Schmitt was the surgeon who transplanted Bill (Awady) Ullery … a young man who waited 579 days for a life-saving organ.  Bill says there is one thing everyone interested in becoming an organ donor must do.  In the video below, Bill talks about enduring his long wait.  His mother, Terra Ullery, talks about the stress of wanting her son to live and the grief she feels for the donor who saved her son.  Both mother and son urge communities to become actively involved in promoting organ donation to help save lives.