Cooks Beware: Do You Really Know Where Your Food Comes From?

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            A recent news report from Italy uncovered a plot to send about 7,000 tons of fake extra virgin olive oil to American kitchens, leading to suspicions that much of the extra virgin olive oil sold in America is a scam. But it could be part of a bigger problem worldwide.

            Leigh Wagner is a registered dietician at The University of Kansas Hospital. She talks about the recent media investigation and explains that it’s part of a bigger picture challenge with our current food supply in truly knowing what we’re eating.  She offers advice for selecting food products, including extra virgin olive oil, which includes shopping local whenever possible. She says when in doubt, ask questions of your grocer or store dietician and know, for example, that extra virgin olive oil should come packaged in a dark bottle and not be the cheapest oil on the shelf. She also explains how to be the best consumer of good quality food.