"FISH" Test Leads to Faster, More Effective Cancer Treatment

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           Patients at The University of Kansas Cancer Center can look forward to much better outcomes thanks to a blood test that leads to personalized chemotherapy treatment.  Fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH), is designed for leukemia and lymphoma patients and involves looking at genetics to match the cancer with the right chemo, making the treatment more targeted and effective for blood cancers.  Unlike other hospitals in the region, the test is performed in-house, saving precious days in customizing the chemotherapy and beginning treatment. 

Dr. Anusha Vallurupalli (a-NU-sha Val-u-RU-poly), a hematologist at The University of Kansas Cancer Center, is an expert on the test and its benefits. In the video, Dr. Vallurupalli says while the test does have a significant cost, it is small compared to the value of quick, targeted cancer treatment. The video also shows technicians performing the blood tests in the lab.