It's A Bad Time Of Year To Have A Fish Allergy

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            Most Christians around the world are observing the season of Lent, the 40 days of preparation for Easter. It’s a time of fasting and abstaining from meat, and a time when people are eating a lot more fish. It’s also a very challenging time for people with fish allergies.

            Angela Siess has that allergy, and this time of year is always tough for her because even being near fish can cause her to develop a severe allergic reaction, as shown in the still pictures in the video.

            Dr. Selina Gierer is an allergist at The University of Kansas Hospital, and treats children and adults with food allergies. She talks about how people develop these allergies, why the reactions can be so severe, why it’s different if you develop the allergy as a child rather than an adult, how easy it is to expose someone to the allergens during the cooking process, and why public awareness in restaurants and schools is so important.