The Best Foods For Holiday Giving

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       Food drives from area food banks are underway this holiday season.  The organizations are trying to make sure no one goes hungry at this time of the year.  But, according to Nicolette Jones, clinical dietician nutritionist at The University of Kansas Health System, to really help those in need we should consider the health benefits of the food we are putting in collection barrels.

          In the video, Jones says while all donations are welcome, we can do more than just clean out our pantries at home.  Jones says the nonperishable foods we pick out would be better for the recipients if they were healthier kinds, such as lower in sodium and sugar.  Jones notes financial gifts are also important to the pantries, so they can provide perishable fruits, vegetables and other key food products, especially for those who in so called “food deserts,” where stores with a variety of food are not close by.  In the video, Jones goes over what kind of healthier foods to look for, followed by video of a food drive at The University of Kansas Health System.