How a Click of Your Mouse Can Lead to a Cure: Help in the Quest for Comprehensive NCI Designation

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Social media takes on a whole new meaning and urgency with a campaign now underway at The University of Kansas Cancer Center.  "We're asking the community to 'like us' on Facebook and 'follow us' on Twitter and Instagram," Roy Jensen, MD, and director said. "These simple acts could play a critical role in our pursuit of Comprehensive NCI Designation with the added benefit that the information shared over these sites could even save a life."
Jensen invited the Medical News Network into his research lab to explain how.   To achieve comprehensive cancer center designation KUCC must demonstrate an added depth and breadth of research. Comprehensive status will require a focus on population-based health directly impacting Kansans with a focus that includes enhanced cancer prevention activities, improving early detection and screening, extending access to high-risk and underserved populations, including rural areas and offering the highest level of treatment and survivorship.
Jensen gestured to the work being done in his lab and four researchers huddled over equipment as one example. “We're getting closer to understanding the BRCA1 gene and the potential it has in fighting many types of cancer," Dr. Jensen said. “It's just one of many medical milestones happening at the 'bench' that are translating to care at the bedside while providing hope and healing to everyone engaged in the fight against cancer."  
Jensen said this research couldn't happen without the resources and backing of an NCI Designated Center. And ... like many other stories related to cancer prevention and research at The University of Kansas Cancer Center he said it needs sharing to benefit the community and help fulfill the quest for Comprehensive Designation.  Jensen says social media is where people connect and search information.  The University of Kansas Cancer Center provides a safe and proven resource for cancer patients and their families to learn, ask questions and find answers.
Jensen, a native Kansan, is not content to be one of only 69 elite cancer centers in the country. He believes The University of Kansas Cancer Center can be a global leader in the fight against cancer and the next step is Comprehensive Designation.  He and a large team of people filed the application back in November and surveyors from the National Cancer Institute will return in February to tour the Cancer Center as part of that application process.  Dr. Jensen has set a goal of 10,000 new followers to the Center's social media sites to demonstrate to surveyors the continued support by the community as well as providing a community portal to all that NCI Designation has to offer.  
"I remember how generous Kansas City was when we first asked the community to support us in our quest for NCI Designation," Dr. Jensen said.  "Now, because of that support, our patients can get the best cancer care available without leaving home."  
Jensen believes his hometown is competitive and wants to beat cancer.  He is confident that once the community learns how each person can help secure Comprehensive NCI Designation and perhaps save a life by sharing crucial information ... they will respond with a click of the mouse.  
In the video, Dr. Jensen explains more about the link between social media and Comprehensive NCI Designation. There is also a PSA with a personal message by Dr. Jensen that reporters can share online and over the air to help grow 'followers' and 'likes'.