How to Deal With the Summer Heat Wave

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Doctors at The University of Kansas Health System are warning area residents to take the current hot weather seriously. “The heat and humidity from these high temperatures frustrate the body’s natural ways to cool itself,” said Lee Norman, MD, chief medical officer of The University of Kansas Health System.  “The elderly, the very young and those with health conditions are usually the first the feel the consequences of a heat wave, but this prolonged forecast for high heat and humidity can have an impact on the healthiest people if there is long term exposure to the heat,” said Norman.

In the video, Dr. Norman explains the difference between heat exhaustion and heat stroke. He also says hydration is critical for anyone out in the heat even for a brief while.  He says sports drinks which provide electrolytes are preferred but water is also an important option.  He urges people to avoid alcohol, drinks with caffeine and drinks with carbonation. He also says if you are home and not in air conditioning, take cool baths or dab yourself with a wet towel in front of a fan. He also explains how to know when someone is in trouble.