IS HIV Still The Threat It Once Was?

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Jill Chadwick

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           This week’s announcement by actor Charlie Sheen that he has tested positive for HIV had many people saying “Is that still around…didn’t we cure that years ago?”

            While it’s true modern treatments for HIV differ greatly from those of 20 years ago, the science of HIV is constantly evolving, and what we knew (or thought we knew) just a few years ago is either incorrect, incomplete or in need of an upgrade. Every year we learn more about the virus, and research keeps giving us new tools to prevent, test and treat it.

            Dr. Dana Hawkinson is an infectious diseases specialist at The University of Kansas Hospital. In the video, he answers some frequently asked questions, such as, is HIV still a serious condition? What is it and how is it controlled? How do you reduce the risk of getting HIV? How many people have the disease? He also explains what the most important thing is about HIV we should all know.