More Young People At Risk for Silent Heart Attack

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             A new study shows a startling new fact about heart attacks…they aren’t just for senior citizens. Young adults in their 30’s and 40’s with even a little calcified plaque in their arteries are at risk of a heart attack within a decade.

            This study goes hand in hand with research on more than 9,000 middle aged men and women that shows almost half of all heart attacks cause no obvious symptoms, yet they can still be life-threatening.

            The results are not surprising to Dr. Charles Porter, a cardiologist at The University of Kansas Health System. In the video, he explains what the study shows about these so-called “silent heart attacks” versus classic heart attacks. He addresses whether an EKG should be a routine part of an exam, the difference between a silent heart attack and sudden cardiac death and why the risk of death from a silent heart attack is relatively low.