Progress In The Fight Against Cancer in Kansas

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             Kansas, after being among the worst states in the nation in vaccinations against the human papillomavirus (HPV), today reported a dramatic increase in vaccinations in the state. New statistics show an overall 15.6 percent increase in the number of HPV vaccinations given to boys and girls in Kansas. Physicians say that giving the vaccination to adolescents is the most effective way to fight HPV cancers, head and neck cancers and cervical cancers.

            Kevin Ault, MD, a gynecologist with The University of Kansas Health System is also on a national panel for the Centers for Disease Control which reviews HPV vaccinations. In the video he says the increase is due to a lot of education, both nationally and statewide. More research shows it’s a safe and effective vaccine, and he says more primary care physicians and pediatricians have become better educated on the benefits of the vaccine.