Reports HIV Cure Premature Say KU Hospital Infectious Disease Doctor

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            News reports recently surfaced claiming a British man could be the first person cured of the HIV virus. The 44-year-old man is one of fifty enrolled in a study abroad involving five universities in the United Kingdom.  The patient showed no signs of the HIV virus following enrollment in a trial that targets the virus in its dormant state.

An infectious disease doctor at The University of Kansas Hospital calls the study ambitious and the results premature. Dr. Dana Hawkinson cautions that the patient in the UK is still taking known drugs used successfully to suppress HIV and that one patient is not a trend. Dr. Hawkinson also said he could find no trial data published in any medical journals to date.  In the video below, Dr. Hawkinson talks more about the trial and current therapies to treat HIV which when caught early is considered a chronic condition that can be managed in most cases.