Kitchen Therapy Helps Colon Cancer Patients

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In this Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month, a special emphasis is being placed on the value of healthy eating. A diet of real, whole foods does a world of good for people with cancer or other chronic diseases.

 That's why the two integrative dietitians at Integrative Medicine, Randy Evans and Leigh Wagner, have teamed up with the Midwest Cancer Alliance to offer a series of four Facebook Live programs every Monday at 9:00 a.m. in March. The programs will focus specifically on recipes to help prevent and cope with colorectal cancer. The programs will air on The University of Kansas Cancer Center Facebook page.

The two dieticians also offer free monthly "Kitchen Therapy" cooking classes at The University of Kansas Clinical Research Center in Fairway. Each month from January to November, Randy and Leigh share their knowledge about the nutrients, antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties of whole foods – and show how to make them taste good. They share and demonstrate several healthy recipes during each class, and answer questions about nutrition and cooking, as well.

In the video, Leigh Wagner, one of the two registered dieticians, explains how using real, whole foods can help prevent cancer and other chronic diseases. She explains what goes on in the classes, and says the biggest thing she tells participant is “Don’t be afraid of the kitchen!” Also, Barbara French, one of the participants, explains why she began coming when diagnosed with cancer, and why she loves the classes. She says the biggest thing participants need to know is healthy eating involves a complete lifestyle change. The video also includes b-roll from one of the classes with Leigh and Randy.