Screening a Key in Fighting Lung Cancer

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            About a fourth of all cancer deaths in the United States are caused by lung cancer.  Now, physicians at The University of Kansas Health System are offering some hope to those who are at high risk for lung cancer because they smoked heavily.  It’s called Low Dose CT Screening.  The Low Dose means patients receive a scan using significantly less radiation.  That’s important because participants are making a commitment to a series of scans to catch lung cancer at an early stage.

              Dr. Nirmal Veeramachaneni (VEER-a-ma-chain-ni), a lung surgeon with The University of Kansas Health System, says all too often lung cancers are diagnosed in late stages when treatment options are limited.  In the video, Dr. Veeramachaneni shows what a scan looks like and explains what a difference it can make in saving lives. His patient, Bettye Givens, explains her attitude of going through this process after 50 years of smoking.  The video includes shots of Dr. Veeramachaneni and Ms. Givens in an exam room, as well as video of a generic low dose scan.