UNOS Proposal to Export Donated Livers From Rural Areas to Big Cities Will Save Fewer Lives, Cost Millions More

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          Flying more livers across the country from high donation regions to lower donation regions removes any incentives for those donation programs to get better at the local level – which is essential in building strong regional transplant centers for patients. More importantly, by simply reallocating where livers go without increasing donations, you are risking more lives, not saving more lives.”

Jeff Orlowski, president and CEO of LifeShare in Oklahoma City believes further re-districting will continue to reduce the number of liver transplants in the area as the most recent re-districting has led to a 300 percent increase in the export of locally donated livers. The impact has been especially challenging for the Organ Procurement Organization as his team worked hard to take the struggling OPO from the brink of decertification to doubling the number of organ donors and saving a record number of lives.  In the video, Jeff explains how his team accomplished they’re remarkable success and how Share 35 is causing much more work for little if any reward.