It's Buyer Beware For Home Micro-Needling Kits

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            A popular procedure to smooth wrinkles and fine lines called microneedling is typically offered in cosmetic doctor offices including The University of Kansas Health System plastic surgery clinic. Doctors and aestheticians have longed used the process that involves creating tiny microscopic hole in the skin to stimulate the production of collagen or elastin. Patients also seek the treatment to smooth scars and diminish irregular skin pigmentation. Lately, at-home kits have hit the market and that worries some medical professionals who offer words of caution.

 “A simple way to think about microneedling is to compare it to aerating your lawn,” Dr. Richard Korentager, MD, chair of Plastic Surgery and Burns, at The University of Kansas Health System and Kansas University Medical Center said.   “Aerating your lawn stimulates growth and microneedling stimulates the skins natural rejuvenating abilities as well as providing a channel for skin products to penetrate.” 

            It’s those very properties that worry Dr. Korentager most about at-home micro-needling kits.  In the video below, Dr. Korentager explains the risks associated with at-home micro-needling kits … ranging from the potential for infection to undesirable changes in skin pigmentation.  Dr. Korentager also explains more of how microneedling works, how long the results last, how many treatments offer the best results and why it’s a procedure better performed in the hands of professional skilled in hand and facial anatomy.