Poisonous Wild Mushrooms Following Heavy Rains

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           The Poison Control Center at The University of Kansas Health System reports 32 calls in the last week related to wild mushrooms that are popping up all over the metro in backyards. “Nineteen of the calls have involved children under age six,” Stefanie Baines, poison control educator said.  “But adults have picked some and complained of feeling sick after cooking with them.”  While the white and brown beauties appear appetizing, they will make people and pets sick if eaten.  “You may get sick to your stomach, vomit or have trouble breathing,” Baines said.  “More serious effects can be organ failure.”

            If you think someone has eaten a wild mushroom, don’t wait for them to get sick. Remove remaining pieces from their mouth and save samples in a plastic bag.  Take care in handling a wild mushroom.  In the video below, Stefanie Baines offers more symptoms from eating poisonous mushrooms plus advice on safely handling and destroying them.