Nurse Academy Gives High School Students An Inside Look

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     It;s never too early to reach out to young people who might be interested in becoming a nurse. For the 11th year The University of Kansas Hospital put on the Nurse Academy for 45 high school students from the region.

     Far from being a series of lectures, the two-day event takes the students through every aspect of nursing, in every part of the hospital from the morgue in the basement to the helipad on the roof. Students took part in hands on learning demonstrations, practiced different procedures in the nursing skills lab, and even observed the trauma team in action as they treated a "surprise" trauma patient.

     Video includes sound with Megan Soeken, one of the nurses from The University of Kansas Hospital who helped run the event, and three students, Brenna Gaul from Olathe Northwest, Jaliya Spann, from Sumner Academy of Arts and Sciences, and J.J. Gonzalez from Olathe Northwest.

     B-roll includes scenes of the students in the ambulance bay, the helicopter landing pad and inside the trauma room as a simulated trauma patient was brought in for treatment.