Why The National Guard Is So Important To The University of Kansas Hospital

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             As Americans observe Veterans’ Day and honor those who have served and are serving our country, it’s important to remember there are more than just the full-time military branches to thank. National Guard troops also play a vital role, both foreign and domestic, including right here in Kansas.

            In the video, on the left side of the screen, we hear from Dr. Lee Norman, chief medical officer at The University of Kansas Hospital, who is also a Lt. Col. in the Kansas National Guard, and the State Surgeon of Kansas. On the right side is Major Gen. Lee Tafanelli, adjutant general of Kansas, who also oversees emergency management in the state. The two discuss why it’s important to remember National Guard troops on Veterans’ Day, and how many people don’t realize the dual mission of the National Guard. They also explain why constant training with The University of Kansas Hospital is so important, and why medical professionals are so vital to the service. Dr. Norman also explains his role as State Surgeon of Kansas.

            The video also includes the dramatic landing of a Blackhawk helicopter on a specially built landing pad on top of The University of Kansas Hospital as part of a training session. Also included is video of medical professionals from the Kansas National Guard receiving specialized hands-on training for various trauma situations using both simulated mannequins and cadavers.