Opioid Addiction Help Now Available for Uninsured Kansans

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            Prescription opioid addiction is one of the fastest growing public health problems in the country. For those who want to break that addiction, help is usually available, but it can be costly. For those with insurance, the costs may be covered. But for the uninsured, it’s been a problem.

            Now The University of Kansas Health System is offering outpatient opioid addiction treatment to uninsured Kansas residents, thanks to a $657,000 grant from the Kansas Department of Aging and Disability Services. The Addictions Clinic offers full service opioid treatment including medication monitoring, substance abuse counseling, case management, psychotherapy, group counseling and psychiatric care.

            In the video, Dr. Roopa Sethi, an addiction psychiatrist, talks about how addiction impacts lives and how this clinic addresses the problem. One of the treatments involves a medication called Suboxone, and Dr. Sethi explains how it works. She talks about some of the barriers people have to getting help, and why addiction is a disease. Her biggest message is this is a serious epidemic that ruins lives and help is available.

            Also on the video is William Day, a patient in the program. William talks about how he got hooked on opioids and describes the symptoms of addiction. He explains how easy it was to get opioids and how he knew he needed help. He describes what entering the treatment program was like, how Suboxone works and how it’s changed his life, making him a better husband and father. Also on the video is b-roll of prescription opiates.