New Remarkable, Fast Procedure To Fix Painful Plantar Fasciitis

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          Courtney Knipp, mother of three small children and a full-time bartender, was nearly crippled from the pain of plantar fasciitis in her feet.  While more traditional remedies helped with one foot, the other grew worse.  That’s when she found Zachary Collins, MD, Interventional Radiologist at The University of Kansas Health System.  Dr. Collins gave her the relief she needed through a newer, minimally invasive procedure called Tenex that uses a needle to remove the tissue causing the pain.  The procedure has proven successful in helping tennis elbow as well as some shoulder and knee pain.

            Courtney was back to work in a week and pain free and playing with her children within three weeks.  Full recovery can take six weeks.  The video follows Courtney before and after her procedure.