People Suffering Chronic Knee, Hand and Arm Pain Have New Hope for Relief

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             After two knee replacement surgeries, Pam Walker began feeling unbearable pain, which made it nearly impossible to walk and enjoy daily life. She used to enjoy camping, kayaking and many other outdoor activities, but was afraid those days were over.

            Then Walker came to Dr. Dawood Sayed, a pain specialist at The University of Kansas Hospital. He felt Walker was a perfect candidate for the newest generation of pain neurostimulator, which is able to be placed in a whole different area of the patient’s back. What makes this neurostimulator new is that it helps patients with pain in all extremities, not just in the back. High frequency electrical impulses short-circuit the pain…typically by 80 to 90 percent.

            Walker had a temporary device installed to see how it would work…and the change was remarkable just two days later. She then had the device permanently installed, and is able to enjoy the outdoors again.      

            In the video Pam Walker describes what it was like living with the pain and how she tried to cope, but how her life was limited. Her wife, Sheryl Conard-Walker also talks about those limitations. Walker is also interviewed after receiving the device and describes what a huge difference it made. Dr. Dawood Sayed describes the device, how it works, who it’s for, how it’s better than previous versions of pain neurostimulators, and how much relief a patient can expect. The video also includes TV- friendly shots from the device being installed in the operating room.