Radon: What Every Homeowner Needs To Know

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          Unless you’re a homeowner who’s trying to sell your house, you’ve probably not heard much about radon. But since 2009, any home sold in the state of Kansas must be tested for this colorless, odorless gas before the sale is completed. In fact, Kansas Governor Sam Brownback and the Kansas Department of Health and Environment (KDHE) have proclaimed January “Kansas Radon Action Month” to help educate Kansans about the dangers of radon exposure and encourage actions to identify and address radon problems in the home.

            Dr. Bill Barkman at The University of Kansas Hospital is a pulmonologist who specializes in environmental health. In the video, he explains what radon is, and how if unchecked, can cause lung cancer. He says this naturally occurring substance is all around us, especially in the Midwest. Dr. Barkman says there acceptable radon levels, but it’s important to have your home tested to find out its level. He talks about the steps that homeowners can take to keep radon at an acceptable level. The video also includes a map of the United States, published by the Environmental Protection Agency, showing radon levels in different parts of the country, with Kansas one of the prime states for the gas.