Use It Or Lose It...People Flocking To The Doctor Before Year's End

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Jill Chadwick

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           The holiday crush is typically thought of as last minute shopping and holiday parties, but here at The University of Kansas Hospital it means a rush to get medical appointments and surgeries done before the end of the year.  People often pick the Christmas and New Year’s Eve holidays to undergo elective surgeries because of the extended time off as well as the timing of their insurance deductibles.

Patient Pamela Sauceda needed a surgery to help her with a condition that prevented her from enjoying food.  She had trouble swallowing and digesting food and had to carefully eat small portions.  Sauceda is on Medicaid and has to qualify each year for medical coverage.  The mother of three decided it was now or never to get her problem fixed.  Sauceda is relieved the surgery is over and looking forward to Christmas dinner.

The video includes sound with Pamela Sauceda, patient and Dr. Lee Norman on rush to get year-end care.