Rare Ambulance Offers Alternative Care for Stroke Patients

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        The numbers are staggering when it comes to the dangers of stroke. Each year approximately 795,000 people suffer a stroke, of which, 140,000 will die.  The University of Kansas Hospital treats 100 stroke patients or more a year.  Dr. Michael Abraham, interventional neurologist and critical care specialist says, “With a stroke, time is brain loss and each second counts.”  Dr. Abraham is among stroke specialists at the hospital who are evaluating the benefits of a specialized ambulance to respond to stroke patients.  The special and rare ambulance called a “Mobile Stroke Unit” carries the equipment necessary to fully assess the patient and administer a clot busting drug ‘in the field instead of waiting until the patient reaches an emergency room. Such a specialized ambulance could prove very helpful in areas where access to a hospital is challenging.  Dr. Abrahams, in his interview, explains the dangers of stroke, the potential benefits of a dedicated Stroke Unit and where this kind of ambulance could be of great service. Video includes a look inside the Mobile Stroke Unit as well as exterior shots.