Midwest Snake Bites Up Because of Wet Weather

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      Because of the wet weather in the Midwest, snakes are more active, searching  for higher ground. This has led to a record number of snake bite cases at The University of Kansas Hospital.

      Dr. Stephen Thornton, medical director of the Poison Control Center, says it's important for people who have been bitten by a snake to seek immediate help at a designated snake bite center, such as The University of Kansas Hospital.

      In this video, Dr. Thornton talks about the most common types of venomous snakes in the Midwest, the myths about snake bites, why kids are more affected than adults by snake bites, how the anti-venom works, why not all hospitals can keep it on hand, the do's and dont's of what to do if you're bitten, and how to tell a venomous from a non-venomous snake.

      The video also includes b-roll of non-venomous snakes.