The Force Is With This Star Wars Costumed Character From KU Hospital

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            There are Star Wars fans…and then there’s Jenni Bennet, who works in the cardiology department at The University of Kansas Hospital. She’s part of an area group that dons Star Wars character costumes so authentic you’d swear they’re right from the movie set and makes appearances all over the city.

            She and her fellow squadron members visited the pediatric unit at The University of Kansas Hospital, and are attending this week’s premiere of the new Star Wars movie, in costume of course, after mingling with fellow fans in the lobby.

            Bennett took some time to show off her costume, a Tusken Raider (also known as the Sand People). She describes the group that makes these visits, what they do, the realistic nature of her costume, the types of events she likes best, and what she looks forward to most when making these visits.