U-Kan-Quit Celebrates 10 Years of Smoking Cessation

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            Did you know that medications to help people stop smoking work best when used in combination and for at least three months?  Or, smokers trying to kick their habit should use their nicotine replacements on a schedule to keep ahead of the cravings?  These and many more insightful tips stem from more than a decade of research and work by U-Kan-Quit. U-Kan-Quit is a joint program between the University of Kansas Medical Center and The University of Kansas Hospital offered to in-patients who want to stop their dependence on tobacco.

            “Research involving thousands of in-patients shows counseling that begins in the hospital and continues for at least one month after discharge can increase the odds of quitting by 37 percent,” Dr. Kimber Richter, professor of Preventive Medicine at the University of Kansas Medical Center and Dir, of U-Kan-Quit said. “Adding nicotine replacement therapy and using it properly increases the odds even more by 54 percent.” U-Kan-Quit has helped more than 12,000 in-patients since it began ten years ago. 

Andrea Elyachar is one of the stop smoking coaches who has worked with many hospital patients who have smoked…some for as long as forty years. In the video, Elyachar explains how U-Kan-Quit helped many of her patients to stop smoking and prompted them to overcome smoking urges and nicotine cravings.  And, Dr. Richter offers five steps proven to help patients permanently stop smoking.  Video also includes U-Kan-Quit counselors going into patient rooms to show how they begin the conversation about quitting smoking with patients..