World Malaria Day: Why It Matters In The Midwest

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Most of us in the Midwest don’t think malaria is much of a problem. After all, it only affects about 1,500 people in the United States each year. But it is one of the biggest health problems in the world, causing 750,000 deaths a year…and it’s only a plane ride away from here. That’s one of the messages behind World Malaria Day, Tuesday, April 25.

            In the video, Dr. Lee Norman, chief medical officer of The University of Kansas Health System, explains why we in The United States need to be concerned about malaria. He explains what the disease is and how it affects people, and how it can be deadly to children under five. He describes how it can be transmitted, and says doctors at The University of Kansas Hospital have treated patients for malaria who have recently traveled to  countries such as Africa where the disease is common. He says sometimes the symptoms can be mistaken for Ebola, causing patients to be isolated until testing proves otherwise. He also talks about the best ways to prevent malaria…such as removing stagnant water which attracts mosquitos.