Is Our Blood Safe From Zika?

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Bob Hallinan

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            Two cases of Zika virus have been reported in Kansas and three in Missouri. It’s causing many to wonder about the safety of the area’s blood supply.

            Dr. Dana Hawkinson is an infectious disease physician at The University of Kansas Hospital. In the video, he answers whether there is any known risk to the area blood supply from Zika. He also talks about how blood is tested and what The University of Kansas Hospital is doing to ensure the safety of its supply. With many people concerned about the disease spreading after the Summer Olympics in Brazil, Dr. Hawkinson addresses the risk of that happening, as well as whether the new so-called “anti-Zika” condoms being issued to Olympic athletes are any more effective than traditional condoms in stopping the spread of the disease. And he outlines common-sense precautions against Zika we can all take as we get closer to summer. Also included is video of people donating blood during a blood drive, and video of the blood bank at The University of Kansas Hospital.