Is The Midwest At Risk for Zika?

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          As the weather gets warmer, more of us are spending time outdoors. But doctors are warning of a possible threat not seen in this region before…the Zika virus. Health officials are keeping watch over the spread of the disease and the mosquitos that spread it.

            Dr. Lee Norman, chief medical officer at The University of Kansas Hospital, has been monitoring the disease, since the Centers For Disease Control says Kansas City is within the risk area. Though he says an outbreak of the virus in Kansas City is not likely, he says we need to maintain constant surveillance. He also says those most at risk are pregnant women living in or traveling to tropical climates.

            In the video, Dr. Norman explains what’s new about Zika, how the disease can spread from Brazil to The United States, whether this region is expected to see much of the disease, who is at risk, what the risks are and how we can protect ourselves.