Are Achilles Injuries on the Rise?

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A recent number of high profile athletes experiencing Achilles tendon tears has led many to wonder if such injuries are on the increase.  Sports medicine specialists at The University of Kansas Health System say they haven’t seen an increase, but they have seen more news reports on Achilles injuries because of the high-profile athletes who have been injured. 

           In the video, orthopedic surgeon Bryan Vopat (VO-pot) says professional athletes seem to be more susceptible than young athletes because of their size, speed and maneuvers they are expected to do.  The younger the athlete, the less likelihood of an Achilles tear.   Dr. Vopat says anyone can suffer an Achilles tear but mostly it is those who put a major strain on their body such as a weekend athlete.  Surgery is one option, but avoiding surgery is an option as well.  However, Dr. Vopat says the surgical option provides the best athletic outcome.  Dr. Vopat says the rehabilitation is the hardest part of recovery whether you have surgery or not.