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          9-year-old Alex Goodwin will soon begin physical therapy to maximize the use of his prosthetic limb implanted at The University of Kansas Hospital in January to replace a cancerous femur. Physical therapy and chemo treatments are a part of Alex’s ongoing battle with cancer. A fight his father worries might get worse with the stress of recent developments surrounding Alex’s travel visa.  Jeffrey Goodwin offered this statement for reporters.

“We arrived in the U.S. on a visa waiver. We traveled on short notice to meet Alexander’s immediate medical needs. The original plan was for his treatment to finish at the end of February and then we would fly back to the United Kingdom. Due to information about his health obtained in the last few weeks … it is necessary for us to continue with the treatment here to best maximize his chances of survival and enrich his life in the longer term.  This treatment plan requires us to stay until the end of June and then return periodically for further treatment into his teenage life.  This includes complex surgery in or around January, 2018.  Our original period of stay was booked to the 13th of March, but we managed to obtained a 30 day extension until the 13th of April from the Department of Homeland Security USCIS. We are currently meeting with representatives who have pledged to do everything humanely possible to resolve this matter.”

Goodwin says Alex is in a period of rest and recuperation following a week of chemotherapy. “We appreciate the calls and public support, and apologize but it is impossible to engage individually,” Goodwin said.  “Thank you for all your generosity.”